So this is my last week with finals, finally!!! I am so done with this.. I want it to be over so badly. Two more to go and yes!!! Freedom!!

Well only for a weekend because then i have to back to regular classes and all of that boring stuff, but at least and hopefully I won’t have to study this subjects again, Gosh i am so done. I have studded so much than I am just bored, and even though I know I still have a lot to learn, and I don´t know everything that I should to actually say “I am ready for this exam”, I just can´t put any more info in my brain. It´s overflowing..

Get me a new and fresh brain please.



Letting go

I am always so scared of what people are going to say, what they are going to think and why not. I so often donut tell the truth or hide behind a smile. But this is the place were, hopefully, i will write whatever i want to, without overthinking, without overstressing, I am just gonna let go.

My mind is complete caos, so I will probably forget to write, or I´ll write too often saying nothing at all, I will say I am happy one day, I will say I am sad the next one, but what can I do? Life is a rollercoster, and I am still learning to love the ups and downs, even if it feels like I am going to crush on the ground and hit my entire body.

Hopefully I will.